I was constantly in pain.
I was terrified I would never hike again.
My perception - my body was strong; yet it always hurt. 
What if the pain lasts forever?
Aghhh!! Right?


After backpacking in the mountains of Patagonia, Argentina, after almost a year of travel, I discovered Rolfing. The day I set foot on the trail in Patagonia, I sensed that something wasn't right in my body. I felt extreme pain in my neck and lower back. I could barely turn my head. Maybe it was from sleeping on so many bad hostel mattresses, carrying a heavy backpack, or eating poorly. I asked fellow backpackers if they knew of any bodywork that would help. Over and over, I heard them tell me about Rolfing.

When my travels ended, I moved to Chicago to work on the Obama presidential campaign. I also found a Rolfer. To my amazement, the sessions relieved my neck and lower back pain. The most surprising part was that my Rolfer spent sessions working not just the parts of my body that brought me to her, but other areas too. But each time I got off the table, I felt a tremendous improvement in my neck and lower back. It turns out all the connective tissue in your body is interrelated. As the 10 series progressed, I noticed that I moved through my daily life with more ease and grace. That feeling of a stiff, robotic-like body, I was all too familiar with was melting away. I felt more grounded and supported in my life. I felt relaxed.

After session 7, I walked along the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago. Suddenly, a flash of clarity struck me like a lightning bolt of insight. I knew that Rolfing was the path I should follow.

Turns out, Rolfing intersects with many of my life interests: working with my hands, helping people feel more comfortable in their bodies (physically, emotionally, energetically), and combining science with creativity. But what fascinates me most about Rolfing is my love for people. Witnessing and being a part of my clients' process of transformation in their bodies is an absolute honor. I'm committed to this work because I care deeply about the people that I work with, including their health and wellbeing.

I believe in the positive benefits that Rolfing can bring about and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer it to others.

more about rachel

Rachel specializes in Rolfing Structural Integration, and utilizes Nerve Manipulation (locates and resolves irritable or restricted nerves that are often the source of inflexibility, aches, pulling, tingling or numbness), BioMechanics (identifies and corrects asymmetries) and Craniosacral therapy (optimizes the craniosacral system which includes the 22 bones that make up the head, the vertebra and sacrum, as well as the brain, central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column).

Rachel's unique skill to fuse an analytical style with deeply intuitive understanding demonstrates her fascination with the biopsychosocial model.

Rachel loves to freestyle dance, hike, travel, experiment with new flavors in the kitchen, and binge-listen to podcasts.

She is a graduate of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, CO, 2009.