Maureen, Personal Trainer

I hope you will have the good fortune of working with Rachel. I had never heard of Rolfing until I was introduced to Rachel and her wonderful business. I'm a huge fitness junkie so when I was held back with a runners knee injury earlier this year I was on a mission to find something besides "rest time" that would help in my recovery. I could rave about Rachel's Rolfing all day long but I'm going to keep it to the point,short & sweet. Rachel is very knowledgeable, professional and the time she spends with you is warm and welcoming. I just finished the 10 session series and it's true what her website says, I feel like I'm lighter on my feet, more grounded, that I'm not over compensating to my stronger leg anymore and that I glide through my day with more grace. When I returned to running after my injury, I set a PR for my 5k distance and I thank Rachel's wonderful Rolfing work for fine tuning my body to be able to do that.